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Welcome to Livestock Steel!  We offer the strongest, most durable, yet the most cost-effective fencing solution for your livestock. Used Guard rail or Bridge Guardrail is the best bang for the buck for corral fencing. Guardrail fencing is bulletproof, cost effective and easy to install. The industry has recognized that Guardrail Fence Systems are the choice for ONE-time construction, and that makes Livestock Steel your optimum choice for fencing.

At Livestock Steel, we pride ourselves on being the Affordable, Quality supplier of Used Guard Rail or Bridge Guardrail and Guardrail Fencing Systems with many types of materials to choose from.




Used Guardrail BrochureWe provide the Used Guard Rail, Bridge Guardrail and resectioned I-Beam posts for your Fencing and Corral needs. We feature different widths, lengths, and quality of Used Guard Rail Products for you to choose. Check out our Guardrail products page for further explanation and information on the products we carry. If you have any questions about our Used Guardrail Products then please call us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Livestock Steel is owned and operated by Tom Calton and Terry Jordan.  Home base is the Carolinas and we serve the entire USA as if it were our own backyard. West Coast, Western, Mid-West, East Coast… superior product and smiling service!

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