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“LiveStock Steel, “Agriculture’s Own Guardrail” is the handsome lovechild of necessity meeting creativity.  It is easier to handle, quality consistent and unlimited in supply!  It is designed specifically with the American Farmer in mind,” says Tom Calton, President of Allrail Inc.

Happy Customers of our New LiveStock Steel W-Beam Guardrail
Guardrail for the American Farmer
LiveStock Steel is the best guardrail for your corrals, feedlots and windbreaks

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Highway Recycler Introduces LiveStock Steel: Agriculture’s Own Guardrail

LiveStock Steel CorralGuardrail daily protect America’s travelling public, but once removed from roadside service, guardrail boasts a brilliant second career as the fence-of-choice for erosion control, (1) beef/dairy producers (2) and greenhouses. For years, AllRail, Inc. has led the environmental and economical mission of re-tasking hundreds of miles of guardrail panel. But now, the tale’s taken an unexpected turn.  (3)

State DOT budgets now face updated Federal standards for roadside hardware, (4) which could lead some states to reincorporate their previously approved guardrail, where applicable.  (5) This emerging trend inspired AllRail to produce LiveStock Steel, a guardrail specifically for American agricultural.  Click here for more information on American Agriculture’s Own Guardrail. AllRail says their key DNA component of Market Stewardship helped identify and address the looming product shortage. See: unique guardrail uses and AllRail’s stewardship graphic.

“Our field managers kept reporting that state DOTs were keeping their guardrail,” says Tom Calton, President of AllRail, Inc. “Shielding our customers from serious product shortfalls required an invention resistant to the threat. That is LiveStock Steel.”

“As ‘Agriculture’s Own Guardrail,’ began rolling off our production line, customers praised its improved ease of handling and seamless integration. Every month we’re still delivering miles of used highway guardrail for sale to job sites around the nation. But we’re also delivering truckloads of LiveStock Steel to beef and diary producers, cheaper than our own used highway guardrail,” says David Swain, AllRail’s General Manager.

“With over 200,000 feet already deployed, LiveStock Steel is transforming the market with unlimited availability, pristine quality and a solid price ceiling. These virtues were moving targets with the sale of our used highway guardrail. American agriculture seems to appreciate having its own guardrail,” says Swain.

“The moral of the story is stewardship,” says Calton.  (6) “As business leaders, our mountaintops provide a natural position to recognize warnings of impending market dangers. The LiveStock Steel story developed out of seeing ourselves as shepherds – and our market as our flock. Owning this paradigm raises our awareness to a larger story in which we have a crucial role to play.”  (7)

Since 2008, AllRail, Inc. has partnered with highway safety for greater stewardship. Based near Asheville, NC, AllRail continues to add value around the world through saving private and public dollars by offering quality, reusable highway safety materials. “LiveStock Steel is not just a good idea, it is a necessity to meet the needs and demands of the American Farmer,” adds Calton.

Agriculture’s Own Guardrail

Supporting Links and Documents for Press Release

(1) – Erosion Control
  • Affordability: Our Used Guardrail panel for sale is often 1/3 the price of driveway pipe!
  • Durability: Used Guardrail panel for driveway care is EXCEPTIONALLY Durable. Correctly installed, this panel can handle a loaded concrete truck.
  • Simplicity: Simple Installation: Dig a trough ~the depth of guardrail, drop it in — fill in around it. Most often avoids any serious excavation. Customers can avoid more expensive and invasive grading fixes.
(2) – The many benefits of retaking guardrail for the beef and dairy industry.
(3)  Re-tasking Guardrail

Private Sector (Post-Market)  It is possible to “up-cycle” – take something (in this case, guardrail) and turn it into something of more value. Many companies, as part of their business plan, retask used guardrail. By retasking the used guardrail, the savings are increased due to bypassing the scrap yard totally and avoiding the costs in melting the steel down. Here is an example of a company based on retasking used guardrail.

(4) – State DOTs facing Federal standards
Support 1: 
Support 2: 
Support 3: 
Support 4:  
(5) – Are states holding on to guardrail?
  • (See section 4.4.2)  The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) has formed a guardrail recycling program … redistributes them for needed highway projects around the state. This program has saved $1.26 million between July 2006 and January of 2007 by recycling guardrail and posts.
(6) – Stewardship is the Goal
  • The Power of Ideals: The Real Story of Moral Choice by William Damon, Anne Colby Chapter 5: Humility Page 127
(7) – Shepherding our Market
  • By Michael McKinney.  In other words, true stewardship or custodianship means taking others’… into account while holding in trust—keeping as boundaries or guardrails—… an attitude of service keeps the leader aware of other’s needs while in turn enabling them to become better leaders

Owner and Operator of LiveStock SteelMy name is Tom Calton, President of AllRail Inc.  I am excited to talk with you about LiveStock Steel.

Agriculture’s Own Guardrail!

We love the american farmer.  They work hard all day to bring quality products to our lives and they deserve the best products and service available.  LiveStock Steel is our effort to honor farmers with that product.

Please give me or David a call at: 1-877-RAIL-411 or email us at [email protected] or [email protected] so we can chat about the American Farmer and Agriculture’s Own Guardrail!

God Bless,  Tom Calton

Workers easily install LiveStock Steel for feedlots
Cows in a corral built out of LiveStock Steel
Windbreak built out of W-Beam Guardrail
Corrals built out of LiveStock Steel