Best Customers in the World

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Best Customers in the World

P1000959We often say ‘round here, “We get to serve the best customers in the world!” Here, at the end of 2016, you’re on our mind again – because you ARE one!


Since our family began working with steel back in the 60’s, we’ve pumped thousands of miles of super-durable guardrail materials into the good soil of American agriculture. We’re happy to make two big announcements:

1. LiveStock Steel is a pristine, NEW guardrail we developed exclusively for American agriculture. It’s now tested, approved and selling like hotcakes!

2. Right now, our 13.5’ and 26’ USED guardrail (Guardrail Corral) is delivering for the lowest prices in years!


Guardrail at Lowest Prices in Years

We wanted you, our customers, to be the first to know this excellent news. Many customers have already taken advantage of this unique opportunity by ordering truckloads of America’s own new Agricultural Guardrail OR our trusted classic, Used highway guardrail panel.

lg-posts4So right now before the end of 2016, we need to ask: Are you planning to expand or upgrade your facilities? Could you benefit from life-time windbreaks, feed bunks and/or corrals? Perhaps you need a solid shelter for end-of-year profits? Guardrail is an investment where your hard earned money works for you, instead of letting Uncle Sam snatch it. NOW’s the time to consider LiveStock Steel – OR our exclusive variety of used highway guardrail steel.

Timing is everything:

Today, stacks upon stacks of used and new guardrail materials are ready to deliver. Customers are calling in every day, so we wanted to encourage you to order SOON – because you can still have your Guardrail delivered in 2016! Our 15ga. thick, NEW guardrail panel has the exact footprint of Used DOT Guardrail. It’s Tough, easy to handle, bright, shiny & perfectly consistent. Best of all, Used and New guardrail AND our Lifetime, Galvanized I-Beam Posts are immediately available, and delivering at record LOW prices!

Let’s Make American Agriculture Greater, Together!