Like a Bull in a China Shop

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Bull in a China Shop

Like a Bull in a China Shop,” wouldn’t exist if they’d used LiveStock Steel.

Fortunately the Sapp Family of Sale City Georgia did buy and install LiveStock Steel Guardrail for their corrals, chutes and arenas.

Visiting the Sapp Family Farm to see their installation in Sale City Georgia: In short, “WOW!”

These men have done an excellent job installing LiveStock Steel.  What a great experience with the professional and family centered Sapp brothers, Glenn and Gary.  The Sapp’s desire was to install a product that not only did the job, but looked great. Glenn had this to say about LiveStock Steel:

LiveStock Steel is a good, sturdy and safe product compared to wood or wire fencing.  Our family is heavily involved in what we do here on the farm.  Safety is a major concern for our animals but especially for our children since my daughter barrel races.  LiveStock Steel is a safe product – and it looks great! Already, we’ve had people complementing us and asking us about the guardrail. I would definitely recommend LiveStock Steel Guardrail, Mr. David there, and their whole team.

Check out some of the pictures below:

P1000963 P1000920Guardrail goes up quick and easyIMG_8727IMG_8716P1000956P1000960P1000953

One of the major concerns of the Sapp family, as well as many farmers, is the safety of their animals, as cows and horses alike, are unpredictable.  Guardrail brings a mighty margin of safety.  For decades farmers, have installed Used Highway Guardrail.  That same “Farm Strong” bloodline of farmers are now choosing LiveStock Steel to meet their  livestock fencing guardrail needs. The wide coverage of guardrail panels have been noted to keep animals calmer – the less they can see, the less reason to be spooked by something outside the corral or arena. Animals remain calmer because their perception of activity of areas beyond the guardrail barrier is significantly reduced. Additionally, we’ve heard several reports of rambunctious animals testing themselves against guardrail. Of course, the guardrail always wins. After one test—that animal usually declines any more battles with guardrail. If your after the universal opposite of, ‘like a bull in a china shop’, then LiveStock Steel is where things are going.

This is one of the truths that attracted the Sapp Family to LiveStock Steel and we think you’ll also be pleased with what LiveStock Steel can do for your farm!