Giving Back

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At AllRail.Inc and our companies: LiveStock Steel & Guardrail Corral we strongly believe in Giving Back & supporting people from all walks of life.  We strongly believe in the power of Not for Profits and the awesome work they do.  501(c)3’s do so much great work in our nation and around the world.  The hearts that are reached, relief work done, minds that are cultivated and lives that are irreversibly impacted due to the hard work of missionaries, volunteers and aid workers, to name a few, are uncounted.

There are several Not for Profits that we are Giving Back to and we want you to know about these missions and ministries and we hope you too will be Giving Back in 2017.

Bible Centered Ministries International is a global non-denominational ministry dedicated to Reaching Children and Developing Churches worldwide. BCM has more than 700 missionaries serving in over 50 countries across five continents as well as Pacific and Caribbean islands. We are committed to making disciples of all age groups for the Lord Jesus Christ through evangelism, teaching and training so that churches are established and the Church strengthened.

BCM ministers through evangelism, church planting, discipleship, leadership training and publishing Bible curriculum and teaching materials. Children’s ministries such as Bible clubs, released time classes, and camps are central to all BCM fields. BCM
is also involved in compassion ministries such as disaster relief, community health care and development, and counseling.


Our Mission is to first help provide Haitians with their physical needs.  In doing so, the hope is that they will be able to learn about the TRUE living water and never thirst again.




We exist to share the grace and love of Jesus Christ, make disciples of all people, and nurture those who have a personal relationship with him.



The Men’s Shelter provides housing for men with sleeping quarters, a kitchen, meeting room and shower facilities. The mission provides a place to stay for 30 days and three meals per day.


Legacy of The Cross (LOTC) is a Faith Based, non-profit Christ centered organization committed to helping inmates, former inmates, and those with life altering and controlling addictions. We go into Jails, Prisons and Youth Detention Centers, Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to prisoners, x-prisoners their families, and deliverance to captives in the prison that has no walls. Every prisoner has at least five family members that been impacted by their addiction or incarceration. We have a 52 week non-residential Discipleship program, where we teach life skills and set them on a solid foundation of “The Word of God”. They learn how to become good fathers and husbands, beginning the reconciliation process back with their families and becoming productive citizens. Re-Building Families


Our mission is to reach men for Christ and lives of adventure as His followers. We accomplish this by journeying with men through authentic Christianity using outdoor adventure as a paradigm to train, disciple, mentor and counsel. NWA orients, teaches and releases men to bear God’s image as He intended and restored through our Lord Jesus Christ. Simply, we are guides fulfilling the great commission and inviting men to launch into the great adventure that is life in Christ.


The River Ministries

At The River Ministries, our goal is to make the facility and land very affordable and available to all seekers of the Lord Jesus Christ.  It’s a place where discipleship, renewal and training is obtained by all who hunger for Him.
The River Ministries is a lot more than the lodge, the river, the hills, the woods, the wildlife and the serenity and beauty of North Carolina.  It is also a place of great learning and worship.  Dawn Jordan, who is the Executive Director, the Calton family and the TRM Board are all deeply involved in seeing all who come to the property know Christ and draw closer to His creation and His plan for their life.

Zoweh is the Greek word for Life (John 10:10). That is the offer and the promise of God to those who have stepped into a relationship with Him… Life. Jesus came to rescue, restore and free our hearts so that we could have the Life God created us for… a life intimately connected to Him. The desire for this Life is the more we are always searching for. This type of Life changes everything. It changes our lens through orientation: knowing and experiencing Who You Are, Where You Are and the Good God is up to in Your life. This Oriented Life sets our hearts free and can be lived out, fought for and protected in a community of intimate allies who join in the journey together. Zoweh Ministry exists as a rescue and aid station committed to freeing hearts and supporting them on the journey!