Guardrail Checklist

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Guardrail Checklist

Here is a simple but comprehensive guardrail checklist of information you need to consider before buying LiveStock Steel.  We hope this guardrail checklist will aid you in getting the best plan for your future project.

1. What are the Building and what are Measurements

This is generally the first thing we ask anyone that calls.  Are you building a corral, a chute, an arena or maybe a feed lot?  If so, have you measurements ready and we can help you with a quote much quicker.

LiveStock Steel Guardrail Installation 2.  What Post Spacing Should I Use

If you’ve installed used guardrail before, then you know how important it is to think about post spacing.  If not, let’s talk.  A few things to consider:  what’s your application, is the application a heavy crowding area or are you going to use it for bull containment?  Typical spacing is 12′- 6″ on center.  Give us a call at 1-877-724-5411

3.  Is Vertical Spacing Important

Do cows jump over the moon?  Maybe not over the moon but they can jump over a fence.  Typically we see spacing at 8 inches with top of stack being around 5 foot.  Have you thought about how many rails you need in a stack?  That will effect the total linear feet measurement.

4.  I-Beam Post or Wood Post

Hands down the best post to use is I-Beam.  Using I-Beam post will make your guardrail fencing a lifetime product.  With that said, many of our farmers use 6×6 post or cut telephone poles.  Those will work for a time but eventually you will have to replace them.  We own the patent on Resectioned I-Beam Post and would love to help you with a lifetime fencing product.

5.  How can I get the Cheapest Price for Guardrail

We are happy to sell any quantity of guardrail.  If you want the best pricing on guardrail, then ordering a truckload is the way to go.  Shipping is a vital part of the pricing picture.  We ship nationally from our yards on the West Coast and East Coast.  For more information on shipping and your best truckload pricing, give us a call today at: 1-877-724-5411

We’d love to hear from you.  What are some questions you have?  Leave them here and we will get back with you!