Guardrail Prices at All Time Lows

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Guardrail Prices at All Time Lows

Buy now for MASSIVE End-of-Year Savings and Build that Corral, Feed Lot, Windbreak etc… and get a FREE GIFT

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The end of 2016 is here. Beef and Dairy Producers again face HOW and Where to focus end-of-year spending?

Used Guardrail For SaleCritical factors include:

  1. Owners need to act quickly in 2016, to lower their annual book-keeping ‘profit’ to reduce 2016 tax burdens.
  2. Spending is often a good move, but the question is how to best set the business up for success by moving capital gains into trusted products which PAY.

Best Options: 

  • Products which offer purchase values adjustable to meet spending target range,
  • Offer True Long-lasting ROI,
  • Products which GAIN value over time
  • Products that can be delivered for installation by years end!
  • Don’t let the government snatch your hard earned profit! If you act now, you get to spend your money on that which would best benefit YOUR company!!

NOW IS THE TIME to invest in the BEST, proven cattle fencing, wind-break and corral construction steel of ALL time – all this in ONE life-lasting product!

Guardrail for livestock corrals, windbreaks and feed lots DESTROY YOUR TAX BURDEN with LiveStock Steel! Agricultural’s Own Guardrail lasts a lifetime, boasts incredible Return on Investment, can be used all over the farm and it holds its value. Agricultural’s Own Guardrail is a powerful allocation for your end of year profits.
“We took our cues from American Agriculture. Cattle Farmers are brilliant people who do most all of their work in-ho
use. By manufacturing our own guardrails, we’re now able to provide a good, consistent product in an affordable, unlimited supply,” says Tom Calton, owner of LiveStock Steel. “LiveStock Steel panels are exactly the same dimensions as the standard 26-ft. long by 12-in. wide, W-beam used highway guardrails. The mounting and splice holes and post spacing slots are exactly the same. The panels are consistently the same length and are always straight and clean.”

New or used guardrail can be drop-shipped direct, or customers can schedule pickup in East or West Coast supply yard locations.  With guardrail prices at all time lows, the time is NOW to call and take advantage of such amazing savings!

Used Guardrail for Windbreaks
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