Guardrail Windbreak – Why Breaking Wind is Worth The Effort.

When good people put solid products to work in real-life situations… good shifts happen. We’ve seen this with our Guardrail Windbreak.  Organic answers to our pressing questions once we pressed through with the field-tested power of ‘breaking wind.’

Livestock needs windbreaks in the bitter cold of the winters. Guardrail Windbreak is the answer “When a new market trail blazes a lead role into your story, it forces one to ask, ‘What in the world is happening?!,’” says Tom Calton, AllRail’s owner. “We later identified the cause: Windbreak construction leaders grabbed hold of our new product because of the ingenuity of Agriculture’s brilliant people.”

‘Breaking wind’ may be a pleasant pass-time for some – but for cattlemen, it’s serious business: Millions of cattle are grown in locations where unpredictable winter winds can quickly transform brutal temperatures into blasts so frigid, it can be deadly for their herds. A growing body of evidence [see below] is pointing to the benefits of ‘windbreaks’ in protecting cattle from critical loss of both body heat and body mass during extremely cold weather conditions.

The Problem: Prime cattle windbreak locations are often unsuitable for construction out of simple vegetation. Fast, economic windbreak construction requires a simple, durable, affordable product. The Solution: user-friendly, weld-able, LiveStock Steel Guardrail Windbreak outperforms vintage guardrail in price, flexibility, and consistent quality. Its such a perfect fit that permanent and portable windbreak construction recently broke through from Number 2 – to become the Number 1 application of LiveStock Steel.

Farmers and Cattleman alike begin searching for used guardrail for sale on Google and other search engines.  Quickly they find us at LiveStock Steel and see the awesome benefits of New W-Beam Guardrail for livestock.  “Recognizing the benefits of our brand-new, consistent, unlimited supply, portable windbreak manufacturers began developing their designs around LiveStock Steel. They’ve have found an edge over other windbreak and corral builders and they’re taking it to the bank,” says Production Manager, David Swain. “It has caused a serious shift in the market, as truckloads of our new panel now deliver cheaper than old-school guardrail.”

Graphic on a New Idea (Guardrail Windbreak) bringing Market Invigoration#OutTake: Learn from our mistakes! Don’t sit around breakin’ wind while groundbreaking innovations wait for you to press in. Reflecting on lessons from our recent product release, we distilled our take a ways down to a few thoughts. View this graphic to see if a potential market break-through may be waiting on YOU.

Guardrail Windbreaks

W-Beam Guardrail windbreak made out of LiveStock Steel

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What Other Cattleman are Saying about LiveStock Steel

LiveStock Steel has worked out great for our Cattle Sorting Facility. It is so easy to handle, it’s always shiny and new and it does the job right the first time. It will last forever on our farm and we are happy to recommend LiveStock Steel to all Cattleman. You will not be disappointed! Joshua & Erika Lamb - Rolling O Cattle Company
Livestock Steel is really the best product for Windbreaks.Zane Schmeeckle - Design Builders
Great company to do business with! I would highly recommend them!Jennifer Archibald - Valle Grande Ranch & Feeders
This company exemplifies all the qualities you would desire in a business relationship. Not only are the employees quite knowledgable about their products but also make the extra effort to insure your satisfaction. I’ve done business with the Calton family for over 10 years and have always been 100% satisfied.Ralph Berger

Can you weld LiveStock Steel?

Time-lapse of building a Windbreak

Truckloads of LiveStock Steel headed to smart Guardrail Windbreak Contractors around the US

Owner and Operator of LiveStock SteelAre you looking for used guardrail for sale?  We have it and loads and loads of it, but we also have our new product, LiveStock Steel.  LiveStock Steel is made with our farmers and cattleman in mind.  Let us help you with your guardrail windbreak, corral, feed bunks, chutes or any of your livestock fencing needs!

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