Guardrail’s Top 5 Benefits

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Guardrail for feed bunks, corrals, feed lots and more

Guardrail For Agriculture – Guardrail’s Top 5 Benefits

  1. Longevity

  2. Fast, Seamless Installation

  3. Calming to Animals

  4. Unlimited Supply

  5. Complete Consistency


LiveStock Steel is the answer for new guardrailOwners who’ve installed LiveStock Steel guardrail don’t expect to replace it again. The heavily galvanized W-beam panel give LiveStock Steel owners untold years of future hard-working service.  And unlike used guardrail, LiveStock Steel is consistent in its quality, quantity and often as cheap as used guardrail. After a simple installation, LiveStock Steel owners can turn their back on their lifetime fence, with confidence. If more things were as bulletproof, life would be better! Take advantage of your chance to eliminate costly fence repairs from your future! When building or upgrading facilities, Why waste limited time and resources with weaker, short-term products requiring replacement during your lifetime? Agriculture’s very own guardrail, LiveStock Steel, sets the standard in a long lasting fence life.

Fast, Seamless Installation

Guardrail goes up quick and easyThe LiveStock Steel’s guardrail panel is uniformly cut and punched for fast, cost-effective installation.  It is rolled on the same roll forming line as standard DOT highway guardrail panel. People who have used it once often remark about the improved ease of handling and the lack of snags when snapping the panel together. LiveStock Steel’s performance record is proved by the willingness of our customers to use it again and again.

Calming to Animals

Guardrail will stop your bull from getting outThe wide coverage of LiveStock Steel guardrail panel is used has been noted to keep animals calmer. The principal is: The less animals can see – the less reason to be spooked by something outside the corral. Animals remain calmer because their perception of activity of areas beyond the livestock fence barrier is significantly reduced. Additionally, we’ve heard several reports of rambunctious animals testing themselves against guardrail. Of course, the guardrail always wins. After one test—that animal usually declines any more battles with agriculture guardrail panel

Supply: Unlimited

New LiveStock Steel 30pc Guardrail BundlesThe All-New LiveStock Steel Guardrail panels have come to the rescue of American Agriculture. As DOT policies shift toward the incorporation of reclaimed used highway guardrail for projects is trending UP. Therefore, the quality and the availability and supply consistency of used highway guardrail is trending DOWN. At just the right time, the new, freshly galvanized, easier-to-handle LiveStock Steel panel has entered the scene. Where there once was a growing shortage of affordable, strong, high quality 26ft W-beam panel – now there are truckloads sitting in our warehouses and yards across the nation. Now, cattle operations that depend on affordable, available, powerfully effective corral fencing panel for growing and maintaining their businesses – can rest assured that LiveStock Steel is here to serve them like a truly sidearm, for the rest of their lives.

Complete Consistency

Guardrail Chute Corner for cattle fencingWhat’s the end-game in the cattle business? Whether its a large farm in South Dakota or a side investment in Georgia – if its a massive Dairy Farm in West Texas or an expanding cow-calf operation in Nebraska — More meat to market with lower long term investment is a consistent factor in the mission of leaders. That’s where the complete consistency of the new LiveStock Steel panel moves in force to help the American Farmer. Just driving down the road, one can see the wide variety between one panel of ‘used highway guardrail’ and another. Several installers have commented on the cumbersome zinc ‘icicles’ left behind by the crude process of hot-dipping the twelve gauge DOT spec W-beam guardrail panel.

That’s no longer a problem with the new LiveStock Steel agriculture guardrail panel. We specifically orchestrate our galvanize – roll-form – punch and stack process to eliminate manufactured inconsistency between panels. LiveStock Steel panels snap together with ease. LiveStock Steel panels are consistency available, and LiveStock Steel panels present bright, shiny, new and clean EVERY time.

But, its when we break the good news to our customers that LiveStock Steel can often be delivered CHEAPER than a comparable truckload of used highway guardrail for sale — that the real strength of this product unfolds.

LiveStock Steel’s used highway guardrail fence means less injury and healthier animals. Even in the reduced cases of animal contact with the highway guardrail panel, the smooth, mildly humped design of guardrail panel provides a gently curved surface, distributing the impact of animal-to-fence contact over a larger surface area of the animal’s body.


The Nine Lives of Guardrail

Its appears that LiveStock Steel customers find more applications for this strong panel, every day! If needed, guardrail panel can be moved and re-used again and again as fencing, or in the hundreds of useful applications discovered by brilliant customers:

Windbreaks, Feed Troughs, Feed Bunks, Bail Feeders, Re-enforcements to Crowd areas, Gates, Feeders, Hay Barns, Water Breaks, upper Barn Floors, Hay Lofts, Retaining Walls and dividers… The list goes on and on.

American Product—America’s Future

Every day, we offer our American Agriculture its very own Guardrail – solid fencing panel consistently produced to high standards – engineered and distributed by Americans – by an American-owned company. That’s who we are.