LiveStock Steel for Windbreaks

11140046_824911644287251_9089027257103503271_n-1In locations where insufficient vegetation exists to help to reduce surface winds, windbreaks are a great investment for long term returns for cattle handling facilities.

Constructing either portable or permanent windbreak systems is often part of a solid plan to improve overall animal productivity. Windbreaks can be a solid, life-lasting investment for cattle industry producers. LiveStock Steel cattle guardrail panels are superior for constructing windbreaks for feedlots, livestock pastures and calving areas. Studies have consistently shown that windbreaks can increase overall animal health. Multiple reports indicate that animals are able to dedicate more of their core energy towards maintaining and increasing body mass, rather than being required to burn fat to maintain body heat.

We encourage dairy and beef producers to make LiveStock Steel a crucial part of their plans to build fast, easy, weld-or-bolt-on windbreak installations lasting for several generations of farm family.