Like a Bull in a China Shop

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Bull in a China Shop

“Like a Bull in a China Shop,” wouldn’t exist if they’d used LiveStock Steel. Fortunately the Sapp Family of Sale City Georgia did buy and install LiveStock Steel Guardrail for their corrals, chutes and arenas. Visiting the Sapp Family Farm to see their installation in Sale City Georgia: In short, “WOW!” These men have done an excellent job installing LiveStock Steel.  What a great experience with … Read More

Guardrail’s Top 5 Benefits

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Guardrail for feed bunks, corrals, feed lots and more

Guardrail For Agriculture – Guardrail’s Top 5 Benefits Longevity Fast, Seamless Installation Calming to Animals Unlimited Supply Complete Consistency Longevity Owners who’ve installed LiveStock Steel guardrail don’t expect to replace it again. The heavily galvanized W-beam panel give LiveStock Steel owners untold years of future hard-working service.  And unlike used guardrail, LiveStock Steel is consistent in its quality, quantity and often as cheap … Read More

Top 10 List of LiveStock Steel Around the World

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Owner and Operator of LiveStock Steel

So Where’s Tom? LiveStock Steel is the best guardrail for your cattle fencing.  It will meet and exceed your expectations.  It can be used in so many different applications and you might be surprised to know that it is found all around the world, and so is Tom! Top 10 List of LiveStock Steel Around the World 1.  Tom being … Read More

Innovating products since 1800’s

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While researching my ancestry, a deeply held conviction that, ‘The best innovations happen where the work gets done,” was confirmed…  It also became crystal clear and such a blessing to see that our family has been innovating products since 1800’s. Ever wondered, ‘What’ll I find if I start digging in the family tree?’ Well, it might be a very good … Read More