Top 5 Reason Farmers are Buying LiveStock Steel

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LiveStock Steel is an easy installation of guardrail

When people call about LiveStock Steel, they need quick, decisive info: “How much does guardrail cost? And – Will this guardrail work for what I need?” These seem to be what most folks are asking. We know farmers are busy feeding the world. (GREAT job on that, by the way). Our callers quickly get solid information from our friendly, knowledgeable staff.  Now that the word’s getting out, miles and miles of LiveStock Steel have been installed all around the country.  Media outlets like, Farm Show, Feed Lot, BEEF, High Plains Journal and recently KYTX CBS 19  (Tyler, Texas) have produced articles about LiveStock Steel.  LiveStock Steel has made quite an appearance as ‘Agriculture’s Own Guardrail.’

Why buy LiveStock Steel now instead of Used Highway Guardrail for sale?  Lets look at the Top 5 Reason Farmers are Buying LiveStock Steel

1.  Consistent and Available

Used highway guardrail has always faced the issues of with consistency in quality and also availability.  State DOT New Loaded on Truck in CAbudgets now face updated Federal standards for roadside hardware, (see here) which is apparently leading some states to reincorporate their previously approved guardrail, where applicable.  (see here)  This emerging trend inspired us to produce LiveStock Steel, a guardrail designed specifically for American agriculture from the ground-up.  LiveStock Steel is always available for the American Farmer shipping from our West and East Coast Yards.

2.  AffordabilityNice set of guardrail corrals built out of LiveStock Steel

When delivered in full truckload quantities, LiveStock Steel is beating the price of used highway guardrail.  Consider this: LiveStock Steel guardrail always arrives new, in consistent count and pristine quality – often for LESS money. The decision is obvious for many buyers.

“Our highway guardrail field managers kept reporting that state DOTs were keeping their guardrail,” says Tom Calton, President of AllRail Inc., parent company of LiveStock Steel.  “Shielding our customers from serious product shortfalls and potential increased cost of used highway guardrail required an invention resistant to the threat. That product is LiveStock Steel.”

3.  Durability

Guardrail remains the strongest, mostCattleman and Farmers alike are loving the new LiveStock Steel Guardrail Panels durable, most cost-effective fencing solution for livestock management. LiveStock Steel’s galvanized coating provides guardrail fence owners with long years of reliable service. Owners who install guardrail know its a life time fencing solution.

4.  Installing guardrail fence

Callers often ask, “How much gap should I put between the guardrail runs?”

The spacing between the panels (from middle to top or bottom rail) is often 8-12 inches.

Another popular agricultural guardrail installation question is, “How far apart should I space my posts when installing guardrail?”

Spacing of LiveStock Steel posts are generally every 12’6″. This helps guardrail fence owners take full advantage of the pre-punched mounting holes provided. However, in chute and alley-way applications, the post-to-post spacing is often less than twelve feet – six inches. 99% of LiveStock Steel and used highway guardrail guardrail for sale is punched in 6’3″ intervals.

Guardrail panel installation is classically super fast and easy.  Often, only 2 people Guardrail goes up quick and easy
are needed to handle the LONG w-beam guardrail panels.  LiveStock Steel w-beam guardrail panels are 26’in length x 12″ in width and weigh 105 pounds.  Used highway guardrail weighs ~178 pounds per panel.  Farmers are very attracted to LiveStock Steel’s ease in handling. With less manpower required, these fences, corrals and feedlots are quickly constructed with ease  – making them more productive and profitable.

5.  Legacy

Tom Calton began working the steel business with his father, Bill, in the 70’s. Decades later, we’re pleased to offer new LiveStock Steel rolling off the mill and rolling into farms all across the US.  The core values in our business are hard work, ingenuity, Young Farmers use LiveStock Steel Guardrail Panelscustomer satisfaction and a godly relationship with all. It’s inspiring to serve American farmers with the same values. That legacy connects us and drives us to succeed in providing you with the best products at the right price and right timing.

Have you recently installed LiveStock Steel?  We’d love to hear from you.  Leave a comment here or send us an email at [email protected]