LiveStock Steel Story

My father, Bill Calton, taught me and my siblings to see things for the value they could have. As a good steward of the steel industry, He kept hundreds of tons of various steel around the shop because he could see worth where others couldn’t.

Founding our parent company in the 60’s, Bill started an honored tradition of supplying America with the kind of products that reflected his core values, Strength, Durability, Affordability and Accessibility for the common man. I believe my father would be proud to see the principals he inspired in his sons are now at work all over the nation.

Bill Calton pioneered using Guardrail for Livestock Applications

In steel and construction, Bill Calton was a trailblazer.

I’m Tom Calton, and in the 1970’s, I began working the steel business with my father, Bill. Here we are, several decades later, pleased to offer you our new LiveStock Steel rolling off the mill and rolling into farms like yours all over the nation.

As you reach out for our new, easy to handle, freshly galvanized Livestock Steel panel – offer a word of thanks to God for ole’ Bill. It was his value of hard work and belief in a solid, hardworking steel that built the company that brings our LiveStock Steel product to farms, ranches and growers nationwide, today.

Our Core Values






“The moral of the story is stewardship. We had to see ourselves as shepherds who oversee our market like a flock.  LiveStock Steel is not just a good idea, it is a necessity to meet the needs and demands of the American Farmer.” 

Cows in a Guardrail Corral

“There’s one thing you need to remember about working with electricity, son…”

my dad stated in a teachable moment occurred in 1979 while my father and I were working beneath a sizable, energized electrical panel.

“Stay away from it?” I responded.

No. We have to work with it. But, you must respect it.”

… and its a big reason why we designed and produce the new LivestockSteel pan­­el.

American agriculture now has its own guardrail panel crafted to supply our nation’s crucial cattle industry because we respect the trend…

“The State DOT’s keeping our used highway guardrail now.”

Highway safety leaders nation-wide are saying the same thing. State DOT’s around the US are apparently keeping more and more used highway guardrail. We’ve heard vibes from a few of our south-central and mid-western managers where DOTs are keeping ALL the used highway guardrail panel which would have previously landed in our jobsite yards.

“We see the trend… and we respect it.”
We see the trend – and we respect it. We can’t control the trend that state and local DOT’s are keeping the used highway guardrail we remove and then offer for sale. We can, however, prepare for it. American beef and dairy producers need consistent supply of quality fencing panel. That’s why we filed our patent, began our own production process. We’re now rolling out an affordable, freshly galvanized, uniform and abundantly available New Livestock Steel panel specifically designed with American Ag in mind.

All over the nation, we’re meeting demands where there once was a shortage of available W-beam used highway guardrail for sale. We’re placing the power to choose the best livestock fencing barrier back into the hands of America’s beef and dairy producers.

No more concerns over the questionable quality of used highway guardrail panels. No more dry spells of the preferred 26 foot length of proven and tested highway guardrail materials when its time to build. We’re ready to grow with America’s thriving agriculture with the power of endless supply and spot-on consistency.

We’ve got you covered with the New LiveStock Steel.

Agriculture’s Own Guardrail